Chris Christie Just Did It, Said What We’re All Thinking About Trump Pardoning Himself

There’s a plethora of different avenues our government could take to impeach Donald Trump. He’s guilty of committing so many heinous crimes, all ranging in severity, it’s essentially like offering Congress a buffet-style display of wrongdoings to chose from. Yet, for one reason or another, Donald hasn’t been reprimanded and remains President of the United States. Something that infuriates the average citizen to no end.

This week, a former right-hand-man of Donald Trump, ex-Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie offered up some unique insight into how Donald Trump would actually get impeached. Specifically, Christie said, “There’s no way that [Trump pardoning himself] will happen and the reason he won’t is because it’ll become a political problem.”
“If the president were to pardon himself, he’ll get impeached,” he added.
Wow. This entire statement is already common-knowledge, right? Of course there would be political problems if he pardoned himself. Hell, the fact he’s even President AT ALL is a political problem.
Our nation needs to realize that Donald Trump needs to be removed from office – and it needs to happen NOW! There’s no more time to waste. The longer Congress waits to impeach Trump, the more damage he’ll do to this country.
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